**USA ONLY** Athens, Greece - Amal Alamuddin, who recently changed her last name to Clooney, headed out of her hotel in Greece on the way to the airport on Thursday morning. The newly wedded lawyer was in Greece on a trip dedicated to hopefully returning the Elgin Marbles  from the British museum to their native Greece. Mrs. Clooney and two lawyers from Doughty Street Chambers, Geoffrey Robertson and Norman Palmer, gave a press conference at the New Acropolis Museum on Wednesday, declaring that “‘in a world of intractable conflicts, here is one that can be solved in a way that can benefit both parties and humankind altogether. The Greek government is in the right to ask for the return of the marbles. Greece has a just cause and it’s high time for the British museum to recognize this." Earlier Wednesday afternoon, Amal was spotted at the Maximos Mansion, where she met with the Greek Prime Minister, Antonis Samaras.

AKM-GSI          October 16, 2014


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